Why People See Ghosts, According To Science

Dear scientists, we love learning about nanotechnology and flashlight fish and breakthroughs in medicine, because that stuff is fascinating and world-changing and it satisfies the human desire to better understand our world. But really, scientists, can’t you just leave ghosts alone already? Because believing in ghosts doesn’t hurt anyone, and in some cases it actuallyContinue reading “Why People See Ghosts, According To Science”

A Visitor From Another Galaxy?

NGC 3201 is an oddball among the 150-or-so globular star clusters in the Milky Way. It is moving very rapidly through the galaxy, and its motion is retrograde, that is, it’s orbiting around the galactic core in the opposite direction of most of the stars in the galaxy. That’s led to speculation that it mayContinue reading “A Visitor From Another Galaxy?”

How the Moon might be making your sleep WORSE as scientists discover link to lunar phases

A FULL Moon could be giving you a worse night’s sleep, according to a new study. Scientists have linked the lunar cycle to sleeping patterns – and say the Moon’s changing brightness could be to blame for a lack of sleep. A new study suggests the Moon phases can change how long we sleep for TheContinue reading “How the Moon might be making your sleep WORSE as scientists discover link to lunar phases”

Best 10 Tasty, Delicious, Nutritious & Healthy Food Recipes Ideas

Everyone in India is fond of delicious food and vegetables. But if we slightly change our food making process then, apart from taste of food we can make it more healthier and nutritious. So, let’s have a simple look on our especially prepared healthy and tasty food recipes ideas which is ideal for dinner andContinue reading “Best 10 Tasty, Delicious, Nutritious & Healthy Food Recipes Ideas”

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